The Trail – Chapter 10

Slowly the man became aware again. He felt like cotton had been stuffed in his ears, and his face tingled with a strange numbness. His thoughts were sluggish and weak.  What the hell happened… He blinked in the darkness as his eyes refocused. I must have blacked out… He looked down.  He was lying propped up on hisContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 10”

The Trail – Chapter 9

He stoked the flames of the fire with what dry tinder he had, but was careful not to look into it. Instead, he huddled with his back to it – perhaps not the safest practice – but he could not afford to ruin his meager night vision by looking into the bright flames.  The fire crackled andContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 9”

The Trail – Chapter 8

The wind lashed at the man. A haze of drifting snow flurries and haunting cloud banks obscured his view. Gingerly the traveler picked his way between cold grey rocky outcroppings, clutching his arms tightly to his chest with numb hands tucked into his armpits. Loose shale gave way beneath his heels and tumbled into theContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 8”

The Trail – Chapter 7

The hunter took off through the woods like the hunted animal he was. His body was filled with the adrenaline of mortal danger. No longer hampered by his heavy kit and pack, he ascended the steepening incline of the mountain’s base in a swift jog, his hunting bow pumping at his side. In his headContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 7”

The Trail – Chapter 6

The traveler was roughly half a mile from the waterfall when he finally noticed something wasn’t quite right. Maybe it was the hush that fell over the songbirds, or the sudden stillness of the scavenging woodland critters, or yet perhaps the way the wind carried a different scent from the north-west. Whatever it was thatContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 6”

The Trail – Chapter 5

The seventh day for the traveler seemed promising at first. The terrain dried out to broken bluffs and overgrown slopes. Life of all kinds flourished at the base of this mountain range – flora and fauna alike. Species of songbird he had not heard in a long time sang in the lush treetops above. TwiceContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 5”

The Trail – Chapter 4

The sixth day proved to be one of the most physically demanding so far. By noon he had covered roughly four leagues, with another three in the afternoon. Under the weight of his kit the pace was brutal, but the fear of death drove him on. The weather held without precipitation, but refused to clearContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 4”

The Trail – Chapter 3

The storm beat at the old masonry of the ruined watchtower. Within its crumbling walls the man finished skinning his deer after gutting it outside. He worked with the mechanical efficiency of an experienced craftsman. As his hands moved of their own accord, his mind reeled with the recent developments.           He had been presentedContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 3”

The Trail – Chapter 2

The man strode through the dense brush of the woodland. His head and shoulders were dappled by broken spring sunlight that permeated the forest canopy. A cold breeze ran its fingers through his hair and cooled the sweat on his neck. He was surrounded by a droning symphony of cicadas. Songbirds competed with one anotherContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 2”

The Trail – Chapter 1

The man in the woods started his fourth day with a groan. His waking mind tried to remind him of where he was or what he was doing, but he was too groggy to listen. He pushed himself off his bedroll, joints cracking, and stumbled over to a tree, where he let loose a streamContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 1”