The Trail – Chapter 21

A small town huddled in the forest, deep in sleep. It snored black wisps of smoke from chimneys, a harmless, peaceful place for one who didn’t know better. There was a pause – a breath between words – as night bowed to day. Songbirds gathered their strength. Predators of the night curled up in sleep.Continue reading “The Trail – Chapter 21”

The Trail – Chapter 20

John marched up the switchback incline that led to the Barony proper. It was late afternoon by the time he and Jonathan had gotten back, after having dropped their gear off in Quarry Town. He had let Jonathan have the rest of the day to himself. Jonathan had been sullen the rest of the walkContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 20”

The Trail – Chapter 18

When the Galioux landed in the clearing outside the barony proper, Eugene Everette was there alongside Aster, several servants, and his wife Katherine.  The skyship gently descended in a cloud of its own blue vapor, scattering nearby birds and woodland critters.  Katherine stood next to her husband in the open air,  heart beating quickly withContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 18”

The Trail – Chapter 17

The Galioux (as its name turned out to be), didn’t leave the docks until quarter to four in the afternoon, only because it had to wait for Veronica to return.   The captain had suddenly announced it was ready to depart to a wharf (which had no particular location or name, according to him) as soon as Veronica arrived, from where theContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 17”

The Trail – Chapter 16

Theodore arrived at the appropriate dock at nine-forty in the morning. The vessel was scheduled to depart at eleven, but he had intentionally arrived early. There was no one for him to say goodbye to. He tried to not be bothered by this, but the slinking worm of loneliness stirred in his gut. He clenchedContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 16”

The Trail – Chapter 15

Duncan Le Treu rode slowly through the woods. The day was bright but cold. His hands were tucked firmly in his greatcoat to keep warm. It was especially chilly beneath the tree canopy. The frozen light of Solus could not beat back the oddly cold spring weather. Its rays seemed fake somehow, and only confusedContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 15”

The Trail – Chapter 14

At the same time the Baron had sat down to a diligent breakfast with Duncan Le Treu, the hunter heard someone approaching from outside his cell.  He had been awake now for… many hours? It felt like the whole night. Or was it the whole day? There was no sunlight down in the Baron’s dungeons,Continue reading “The Trail – Chapter 14”

The Trail – Chapter 13

Baron Eugene Everette was having an interesting week – certainly the most interesting in recent memory. Sometimes life had a way of surprising him. The gods certainly had a sense of humor.   But “a problem is just another opportunity,” his grandfather had told him – and he was certainly an opportunist. It was all aboutContinue reading “The Trail – Chapter 13”

The Trail – Chapter 12

Whilst thou take me as thy guide?  His heart drummed in his chest like thunder.   For the wood is full of dire peril,   He awoke in a swamp of chilled sweat.  And the land cries out for Pilgrim blood…  A wave of nausea, followed by a crash of horrible pain throughout his chest.   I’m alive. Continue reading “The Trail – Chapter 12”